Every Time Someone Votes Yes, God Kills A Foetus [a blog] #yesequality #equality2015 #referendumireland


Let’s get one thing straight, Ireland is in trouble. If the liberal, gay-loving, secret homosexual agenda-having, biased Irish media have their way, our glorious Catholic nation will go to the polls on Friday and commit an act so knavish and sinful, we will be cast into the fires of Hell, with no hope of redemption, even in the Final Days of His Coming.

Because of their crazy, fact-based arguments, and dedication to the ridiculous assumption that gays deserve so-called ‘human rights’, the filthy leftist Protestants are on the brink of changing how the rest of the world sees us, forever. Ireland has always been a place of conservative values, and stubborn adherence – not the The Bible, which we all know is open to all sorts of interpretation – but to Catholic Dogma, which is written by Man, not by God. And that’s better, because God was a Jew. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Bit by bit, the pinkos have taken away our sovereignty over the years, and with it, our reputation as the most pious and devout nation on Earth. At this point, we’re probably behind a bunch of African countries, and places like the Philippines. Which, although understandable considering how brown people are much stupider, and easier to trick with magic poems and the threat of eternal damnation, is still pretty terrible. We used to be up there with the Italians and the Poles. Now we’re almost on a par with the Godless British, who don’t even like the Pope, and only go to church twice a year, plus the odd wedding.

It’s been a long and destructive process, started when we joined the European Common Market in the 1970s. Once we opened our doors to the continent, our days were numbered. The magnificent Papal paradise created by DeValera and his chums back in the day, with its lack of English newspapers, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, or dissident liberal opposition, was now at the mercy of the French, and probably the blacks. Of course, back then, people still went to mass, and understood that the word from the pulpit was final, even if it was a lot of hypocritical shite, spoken by a man who had consummated his marriage to Jesus via the anus of a 12 year old boy.

In 1990, the scourge of condoms came to our land, which resulted in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies. Sure enough, in 1993, the Condom Lobby Groups managed to pressure the government into legalising same-sex sex, or gayness. Cause and effect in action. Obviously, with all this free-flowing sodomy in the country, the institution of marriage was destroyed, and in 1995 we were plunged into the horror of an Ireland where someone in an unhappy marriage would be allowed to legally dissolve it, without even a letter from Pope John Paul.

Of course, after that, there was no other way to go than ‘down’. Just as the Berlin Wall had fallen a few years previously, so fell the values of the Irish people. Almost overnight, we removed the Death Penalty for people who went over to England to have an abortion. It wasn’t all bad, though. The act of killing a baby was and is still a crime within our borders. Even in cases of rape, child molestation, the baby being already dead, and the mother being Indian. We’re sticklers, if nothing else.

So now we come to Friday, and the stark reality that our nation could wake up the next day in a world where it’s fine for two hairy looking men to be each other’s wives in the eyes of Jesus. For two shifty looking birds in dungarees to make their own child without even using a sperm. For children to be born lesbian at birth, the the police be powerless to stop them. There are many solid arguments on the ‘No’ side; but, unsurprisingly, the baby-killing, drug-loving liberal media has made it its business to carefully dissect all of them in a public forum, by demanding deeply unfair things like ‘proof’, ‘sources’, or ‘pointing out in the Constitution where it actually says that’. Remember this, the next time the Leftist Velvet Mafia arrive at your door, asking you to pay for your RTE Licence. Because that’s where your money is going.

It’s not enough that I implore you to sit at home on Friday and say several Solemn Novenas. It’s not good enough for you to stand outside the polling stations with large banners showing pictures of Goatse, with the words THIS IS WHAT GAY MARRIAGE REALLY LOOKS LIKE. I need you to do me a bigger favour. I need you to vote No, like I will be. Sure, they referendum is probably going to pass 7:1 in favour of the sodomites. But we still have a battle to fight. For every extra percentage point that we can add to the No side, it will show our world peers (especially those in America, Britain, and the Brown Lands) that there is still a part of Ireland that’s resistant to change. Still glorious green hills and maidens dancing at the crossroads who don’t believe in so-called ‘equality’ for people who are different from us. And who still value the rights of the child about all adult pursuits like buggery, and whatever it is the women gays get up to.

Vote ‘No’ on May 22nd, for DeValera, for the Magdelene Laundries, and for the 800 septic tank babies, who are in Heaven, looking down, willing us to stop gays taking away their freedom.


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