This Is Why Brown People Are So Angry At You [a blog] #whatiwrite

Well, okay; bad example.
Well, okay; bad example.

“One thousand wogs [equals] fifty frogs [equals] one Briton. One European is worth twenty-eight Chinese, or perhaps 2 Welsh miners worth one thousand Pakistanis”

No, that’s not from Mein Kampf. It was a commonly used formula in the early 1970s, for journalists deciding how ‘newsworthy’ any worldwide catastrophe might be.

People of the world have always hated each other. Read the bible if you don’t believe me, as that is a true and historically accurate document. Racism is a relatively new thing though. It was created right after someone created race. ‘Created race?’ I hear you type. ‘How can you create race? Race just like… is,’ you add, furrowing your brow. Well, no. Race was created because European folk like the Portuguese and the British were off discovering a New World, a few hundred years ago. And, while they were discovering, they thought it would be a brilliant idea to re-introduce the awesome practice of Slavery (go back and read the Bible again, fact hunters). Now, the world was fairly civilised by then; people could READ and everything, like. So the intellectual classes probably weren’t just going to sit there and allow the trafficking of human lives for profit, were they? Probably not. So the governments and the money men (much like the Daily Express now) turned to the Boffins. Luckily, the science guys came up with this whole bunch of knowledgefacts which clearly showed that the White People were genetically superior to any sort of darkie or yellow chink, and it was therefore fine to ship them around the world like so much cattle, and everyone could sleep easy in their beds. Black people were closer to apes than us, as they clearly lived in countries that had apes in them. Similarly, the Chinese were closer to pandas.

This scientific advance also helped with the building of the British Empire, a thing which existed because it was very difficult to fit 40 million people onto the island of Britian (Spoiler, we now fit about 70 million on it. Must be cos everyone’s so thin now. Because of supermodels in magazines). The science guys let everyone know that the inhabitants of places in Africa, Asia, etc, weren’t really up to the task of Running Their Own Countries, or Being Civilised, but luckily the Brits were on hand to arrive in their countries, rape them of their natural resources, and set them to work farming crops and making produce that could be exported to help keep the King in ivory backscratchers and gold plated bog roll.

Of course, the best thing about being in the British Empire, for your golliwogs and sambos, was a sense of National Identity. Not the national identity they’d already had, of course. Who wants a passport that says ‘Bongo-Bongo Land’ on it?!!! No, now they got to be British Subjects; loyal to the King, and free to travel anywhere in the Empire that they wanted to. Especially if they were slaves. Well, apart from the ‘free’ bit. Didn’t cost ’em nothing though, so they couldn’t grumble. Fast forward to the 1960s and the fall of the Empire. In the ashes, the Brits decided to create the Commonwealth, which was sort of like the Empire, but full of countries which were their own bosses now. Pulling out of so many places like this was wonderful, humanitarian move, which left all the countries of Africa and Asia with solid governmental structures, and didn’t result in any of them ending up wartorn, famine-ridden hellholes. Now of course, those British subjects were free to come and live in Britain. And come they did. The Pakistanis came to the North, to work in the mills. Mainly the night shifts, which white working class people didn’t want to do, but their foreign cousins grabbed with both hands. Everyone in the north welcome these brown fellows with open arms, and all was well.

Until what we now laughingly refer to as the ‘Free Market’ ideology, meant that even though it was cheap to produce textiles in Bradford and Leeds using Asian workers, it was EVEN CHEAPER to produces those textiles in actual Asia, also using Asian workers. So the factory people fucked off, leaving the nice Pakistani folk of Northern England up shit creek. Never mind, they thought; we’ll just get other jobs. Weirdly though, none of the white-owned businesses wanted to employ them. So they clubbed together with family members and bought shops, laundry businesses, restaurants and mini-cab firms. The good people of the National Front decided to reward such prudence and acumen by firebombing their houses and spray painting ‘PAKKIS OUT’ on their children’s foreheads.

Elsewhere, the British government had thought long and hard about this whole Immigrant Situation; the bit where they’d allowed brown folk into the country for all of five minutes, and decided enough was enough. Much like they’d fiddled the laws to stop Jews getting in as refugees in the 1930s, Enoch Powell’s mates changed the wording of the whole Commonwealth Immigration thing to make it so that you could only come to Britain from a Commonwealth country if you could prove that your parents or grandparents were born in Britain. Now everything was fixed, because that meant only Canadians and Australians could get in. And they weren’t really foreign anyway. They just looked like you and me, innit.

The Pakistanis and Indians who remained had life pretty tough. Even though they were often the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry, and their discriminatorily lower wages for doctor and nurse jobs were the only thing that meant the NHS could survive, our country didn’t give a sweet fuck about them. Less than 2% of new council houses were allocated to Asians in the North, and even when they did get in, being the only Asian family on a white estate usually meant the old ‘petrol and a match through the letterbox’ trick, and they’d suddenly find themselves househunting once more. All of this meant, to feel safe at all, the Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi people took the lowest quality slum housing (the type which white working class people considered unlivable), and the result was the inevitable ghettoising of all people of a similar colour, whether they liked it or not.

Fast forward again to the 1990s, the reign of Tony Blair, and the explosion of racial tension in the North. White Gangs, endorsed by organisations like the BNP, the NF and other delightful Hitler Cunts, went into Asian estates to stir up trouble with the local teens. All shitting hell broke loose, naturally; and, pretty much every time, the Not Institutionally Racist police would show up, beat seven shades of Sharia out of the brown kids, and give the white ones a severe telling off, and some lollipops. So the Asian teens began attacking the police outright, and more shitting hell broke loose. Thousands of extra bobbies were drafted in to retake the streets, and the newspapers reported ‘VIOLENT RACIST ASIAN GANGS’ causing havoc all over the pie-eating parts of England. When the Boffins were asked why these horrific actions were being perpetrated by Evil Muslim Teens, their answer was that it came from the Muslim community ‘living in uni-racial estates, and refusing to integrate’.

As Richard Littlejohn might say, you couldn’t make it up.

(Ps. I could have written about the West Indian immigrants; the IMF/World Bank helping to destroy countries like Indonesia, Somalia and Nigeria; the British turning their backs on the Tamils in Sri Lanka; the overthrowing of the Iranian prime minister in the 1950s. But you get the picture. Rich White People: Sucking since forever).


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