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Election 2016 : Is Trump the New Al Gore? [a blog]#whatiwrite #clinton #trump #election2016

Well, of course he isn't. He didn't invent the internet, for one. And he thinks Climate Change is something your mum made up so that you'd go to sleep early on Christmas Eve. Not his mum, though. Donald Trump doesn't... Continue Reading →

Fucking 2016, eh?: A Guide (so far) [a blog]#whatiwrite #2016 #brexit #trump #hillary #stopit

Remember when David Bowie died, and you thought the year couldn't get any worse? You were a fool. Pretty soon, everyone you've ever loved had died, including people you hadn't thought about in years, like Prince, and people you'd never... Continue Reading →

Refugees: A Handy Guide [a blog] #crisis #refugees #deyturkerjarbs

There's a lot of stuff on the news these days about some sort of Refugee Crisis thingy, and sometimes it's hard to take in. Between watching your Sky Plussed episodes of Real Housewives, Celebrity Big Brother, and The Man with... Continue Reading →

The Daily Mail Guide to Reporting on Women [a blog] #sexism #dailymail #midriff #flaunt

Internal Memo From: Paul Dacre (Editor in Chief) To: All writers, sub editors, web copy writers, freelance bigots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Good morning, everyone! Women are an important minority group who make up 52% of the world's human population, so here at... Continue Reading →

David Cameron has Probably Put His Cock in A Lot Worse [a blog] #piggate #paedogeddon #notcliffrichard

It's a testament to the power and size of social media that, within a few hours, the whole 'David Cameron fucked a dead pig in its mouth' thing was already as old and trite as any of the scripted jokes... Continue Reading →

Football: Best Left to the Men, Really [a blog] #WomensWorldCup #England #Sexism #Feminism

The small percentage of England's liberal, tree-hugging, tranny-enabling population that bothered to stay up last night to watch the women's 'football' in the so-called World Cup in 'Canada', were left reeling after watching their country's ladygirls throw away a perfectly... Continue Reading →

When Do We Get a Straight Pride Parade? And Give Us Back Our Rainbow! [a blog] #marriageequality #SCOTUS #pride

Okay, enough is enough. The gays are literally taking over the world now. Everywhere you look on the internet, there's rainbow pictures, and men kissing, and people putting up photos of two ducklings getting married while erroneously referring to them... Continue Reading →

Which is Better? Kendall’s Ass or Her Mother’s Penis? [a blog] #CallMeCaitlyn #BreakingNews #Arsecocks

Bruce Jenner is no more. I'm not really sure what he was before, but the days of he are gone, long live Caitlyn; Vanity Fair cover star, reality show dynasty co-matriarch, and former Olympic Medalist (cos she had to give... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Dave Cameron Dismantling Your NHS, It’s Brown People With AIDS [a blog] #tories #immigration #nhs #ukip

Let's get one thing straight, Lefties. David Cameron loves the National Health Service. That time when his dead son was alive, boy did those nice NHS doctors and nurses give him the best of care. The best! I mean, he's... Continue Reading →

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